Neural Alley

August, 2016
Wood, Acrylic, Paint
6’ x 12’ x 90’
Chattanooga, TN
Commissioned by the River City Company
Completed with Carson Smuts

Neural Alley is a large scale interactive public art piece created for Passageways - a program by the AIA Tennessee and River City Company designed to revitalize downtown Chattanooga through the introduction of art installations in highly trafficked alleyways.

The primary inspiration of the piece was the concept of transference. The alleyway is a corridor for people to go from one place to another, the Tennessee river is a natural channel for water, the streets around the alleyway are conduits for transportation, etc. We designed Neural Alley as an additional layer of transference that would not only promote a disruption with the pedestrian traffic of the alley, but also change the character of the space and transform it into something that would enrich the journey.

We Were Strangers Once Too

February, 2017
Metal, Wood
10’ x 15’ x 21’
Times Square, New York, NY
Commissioned by the Times Square Alliance
Completed at The Office for Creative Research
with Genevieve Hoffman

We Were Strangers Once Too was created for the annual Time's Square Valentine's Day heart art installation. It was a love letter to immigrants, celebrating the diversity they bring to New York City.

The project was based on the 2015 American Community Survey’s 1-Year estimates of New York City’s foreign-born population. This study showed that an estimated 3.2 million of NYC’s 8.5 million residents were born outside the United States. Using a simple visual language of linear stripes to illustrate these populations over 33 vertical poles, we could give people the ability to physically dive into a story about statistics without realizing they were actually wading through a jungle of data.

Image: Justin Bettman
Image: Justin Bettman
Image: Ben Rubin
Image: Earthcam
Weathering Walkways

June, 2016
Ripstop Nylon, Zip Ties
3m x 3.5m x 12m
Manchester, UK
Commissioned by the University of Manchester
Completed at The Office for Creative Research
with Jer Thorp

Weathering Walkways was a temporary data installation created in conjunction with the University of Manchester. The goal was to bring data into the public realm by physically visualizing a study about the possible correlation between the weather and the symptoms of chronic pain. Using simple materials digitally fabricated and hung over a long span, people could ‘walk through data’ at their own pace and attempt to see if there was any connection between the amount of pain people felt and the weather conditions present when they reported it.

Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes
Image: Sebastian Matthes

Pixel Patch Creative is a young artist collective looking to expand on the idea of using art as a mechanism for community building. Whether it is through a data installation, an interactive activity, or some combination of the two, we try to use the existing cultural foundations to enrich the sense of place.

The two founders have known one another since their undergraduate days studying Architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. They both have a passion for pushing the envelope when it comes to design, and for trying out new and exciting ways to facilitate different means of communication. At Pixel Patch Creative they have the opportunity to combine their backgrounds in architecture, urban studies, and fabrication, to team up and produce meaningful art for the public.